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The Importance of Updating Your Will  [16.08.2018]

Pauline Davies
The recent case of Ubbi v Ubbi highlights the importance of making a Will, especially when there has been a change in circumstances such as the birth of a child, a separation or a marriage.
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Don’t Get It Wrong – What Does Behaviour Mean For Divorce Purposes  [30.07.2018]

Don’t Get It Wrong – What Does Behaviour Mean For Divorce Purposes
On the 25th July 2018, the Supreme Court handed down it’s judgement in the case of OWENS – v- OWENS. So what does behaviour mean in the terms of a divorce, how bad does it have to be?
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Is there a minimum temperature for working outside?  [28.02.2018]

In the cold winter months, employers should consider the effect of the lower temperatures on their employees and take appropriate action.
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What is a Settlement Agreement?   [06.07.2018]

Ryan Bickham
There are different types of Settlement Agreements, but the one most commonly referred to is in an employment dispute. A Settlement Agreement is a document which settles the legal disputes between an employee and employer. For the agreement to be binding the employee needs to obtain independent legal advice.
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Report warns of West Midlands looming incapacity crisis  [04.07.2018]

Rachael Stokes
Incapacity is on the rise due to people living longer and the prevalence of conditions like dementia. Unfortunately people have not yet planned ahead to make sure their wishes are followed should they be unable to make their own decisions. A report with SFE and think-tank Centre for Future Studies (CFS) highlights the issues surrounding the lack of planning for mental incapacity and, backed by the evidence, demonstrates a looming incapacity crisis.
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Taking your children abroad this summer  [26.06.2018]

Layla Blackmore
Our specialist family law solicitor Layla Blackmore provides some advice for parents taking their children abroad this summer especially if they have a different surname. 
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Employers responsibilities in hot weather  [25.06.2018]

Employers responsibilities in hot weather
As the weather is predicted to stay high this week; what are your responsibilities as an employer in hot weather? The rules regarding temperatures in the workplace come under the Health and Safety Executive (‘HSE’). Although an approved...
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Court rules on the rights of a self employed worker  [13.06.2018]

A summary of the case of Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and another (Appellants) v Smith (Respondent) [2018] UKSC 29. A case which deals with the rights of workers and self employed staff.
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