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Hazards of Signing Personal Guarantees Underlined  [26.07.2013]

In a ruling which underlines the potential hazards of signing personal guarantees in respect of corporate debts, a businessman has been hit with a bill for more than £330,000 almost seven years after he resigned from the relevant company. The...
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Planning Relaxations to Help Struggling Traders  [05.07.2013]

The Department for Communities and Local Government has made amendments to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 that will allow smaller High Street business premises to be used for different types of business...
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Environmental Challenge to Recommencement of Legal Use Fails  [03.07.2013]

Environmental law is an area that demands increasingly close attention by developers. Stemming largely from European law, there are aspects of environmental law that fit rather uneasily with domestic legislation. For example, the law relating...
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Court Applies Strict Letter of Consumer Protection Law  [01.07.2013]

A case concerning a contract between a man who ran a removal business and a house owner, which was made at the home of the latter and followed up by an email confirming the contractual terms, has provided confirmation that the court takes a very...
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Charity Trustees Censured for Payment to Redundant CEO  [07.06.2013]

When the trustees of a charity agreed a severance payment for a departing senior officer without taking professional advice, their decision was at risk of some criticism. The trustees of the Glasgow East Regeneration Agency had agreed to...
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Cookies – Implied Consent OK  [29.05.2013]

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a statement re-emphasising that awareness of Internet ‘cookies’ has increased to such an extent that it is now ‘ rely on a responsible implementation of implied...
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Natural Meaning of Contract Term Prevails  [17.05.2013]

In the context of an agreement for the sale of an estate agency business, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a contractual clause should be interpreted in line with its ‘natural meaning’. Notwithstanding the rather surprising outcome, the...
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Should I Take On a Franchise?  [22.04.2013]

There are many potential benefits of buying a franchise, such as having access to well-established business and accounting systems, centralised marketing and a proven business model. Being part of a well-known national brand also has an appeal for...
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