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Solicitors For The Elderly

PCB Solicitors have a dedicated team of experts who can help you through the maze of issues relating to long-term care.  The laws and regulations relating to funding are rapidly evolving and becoming more complex.  We are here to help you.

Most people would prefer to remain and receive care in their own home irrespective of any physical or mental infirmity. This is a principle objective of community care. However, in practice how much assistance you receive from your local authority social services department will depend on the extent of your needs for services and their eligibility criteria.  Commonly, many older people, their family and carers consider whether to move into a care home as an option.

Residential and nursing homes usually charge on a weekly basis. The amount of the fee will depend on the nature and level of care provided, the location and facilities of the home. 

In the event that you decide to move into a care home, important decisions need to be made. Such decisions may have unintended ramifications and so the importance of early, specialist legal advice can prevent or mitigate problems arising at a later date, leaving you in the best position to plan your care.

The legal issues

Legal issues relating to long-term care are expanding. Laws and regulations are rapidly evolving and becoming more complex.

There are occasions when the NHS is responsible for the cost of care. The Department of Health in England and National Assembly in Wales has set a national framework to assess and determine eligibility. If a person meets the criteria, then their personal, health and accommodation care costs (which, may be provided in a nursing home or your own home), will be funded by the NHS regardless of the person’s own financial position.   

The NHS is responsible for the cost of nursing care in a nursing home provided by a registered nurse irrespective of the individual’s own means.  It is paid at a flat rate.

Depending on your resources the local authority may assist in the funding of care. How much and when are based on complex guidance. 

Whether you fund all, part or none of your care costs is not always clear and early advice is recommended.

You may need advice on the following:

  • Should I be charged and how much should I pay?
  • Is the care contract reasonable and should you try to amend the terms?
  • Will your spouse or partner be expected to pay towards your care?
  • Will your spouse, partner or other relative be able to continue to live in your family home?
  • What assets do you need to sell?
  • How should the assets be valued?
  • Can you take out insurance to pay for your care?
  • Are there any welfare benefits you may be entitled to?
  • Should you make an advance decision, setting out your health care wishes in the event that you become unable to communicate them?
  • Alternatively should you prepare a health and welfare lasting power of attorney, so that others can assist you if you are unable to tell others your wishes? 
  • Should you update your will and how can you pass on assets to your family?
  • Can you continue to financially manage your own affairs and should you appoint another to act on your behalf, particularly in the event you become mentally incapable?
If you want some further information then please contact us on 01743 248148 or email here. We can arrange to see you at home or at any of our offices including Shrewsbury, Church Stretton, Telford, Ludlow, Knighton or Clun. 

This Fact Sheet has been prepared to provide you with basic information and is not to be treated as a substitute for getting full and specific advice from a specialist lawyer. Updated in September 2014.


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