Debt Recovery

Unpaid invoices can affect even the most efficient and organised of businesses. Old debts can hold you back by restricting cash flow and can become a drain on resources should you decide to pursue them yourself.

Don’t let debt drag you down

Often your debtors can be encouraged to settle without resorting to legal advice. But for those times when you might need to take matters a step further, PCB is on hand to help you understand the processes involved and carry out the work on your behalf.

Before taking any action, our experienced solicitors will help you to assess the situation and weigh up the potential costs and benefits of proceeding.

Find out further details about our charges here.

Have the experts on your side

Not every debt claim has to go to court. We’re looking out for your interests and, if a matter can be settled simply, we would prefer that – we’re quite sure you would too!

Sometimes a formal ‘letter before action’ requesting payment in a reasonable time frame is enough to resolve the matter. You can instruct our Debt Recovery Department to do this for you and be confident in giving such a letter the best chance of success.

In the event this does not work, our team will discuss all of your options with you in detail, covering topics including:

  • Deciding whether to make a claim
  • Choosing an appropriate legal route
  • How the claim will be made
  • What happens after a claim has been issued and served
  • Implications of a contested court case
  • Your rights to recover interest
  • How the judgement can be enforced 
  • Winding up and bankruptcy petitions

If we begin legal proceedings on your behalf, we will do it quickly and efficiently, keeping you informed throughout of progress.

Quality team

PCB Solicitors LLP provides friendly support from professional people and our experienced team gives you access to an array of specialist advice. Our aim is to meet – and even exceed – our clients’ expectations.

“Don’t suffer a cash flow crisis when help is at hand – call on PCB.”

To enquire, visit our contact page to fill in our enquiry form, or use the contact details of our offices in Shrewsbury, Church Stretton, Knighton, Telford, Ludlow, Clun, Bishops Castle and Welshpool.

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