Family solicitors increase opening hours to meet annual rise in post Christmas enquiries

Local law firm PCB Solicitors’ family department are extending their opening hours at their Shrewsbury office to 7:00pm to meet the annual rise in post Christmas enquiries.

Although Christmas is a positive time for many, the additional stress of money problems and alcohol use can lead to the deterioration of already strained relationships. PCB often see a significant increase in enquiries in the New Year.

Christmas can be a worrying time for some especially those who are victims of domestic abuse, by extending our opening times PCB Solicitors hope to be able to meet the needs of those who require advice and support in the New Year.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has published its latest set of quarterly statistics for the Family court work covering the period for July to September 2019 and new cases are already up 1% for the same quarter in 2018 which leads to a concern that the increase may follow through to the 2020 New Year. There was a 23% rise in domestic violence cases started within the above period and this may in part be due to the changes to legal aid eligibility in January 2018, which has made it easier for victims of abuse to obtain and provide the evidence required to access legal aid. A shocking 39% of those attending the family court during the above period were not represented. This causes problems for the courts and the individuals concerned.

The advice from the family team at PCB Solicitors is to get help at the earliest opportunity, not least so that it can be determined at the earliest opportunity if victims qualify for legal aid. PCB Solicitors’ family team are extending their opening hours to 7:00pm between Monday 6th January 2020 to Friday 10th January 2020 and each Monday thereafter. The extended hours are by appointment only at their office on Shrewsbury Business Park. This will provide all those needing support to seek advice outside of usual office hours.

If you need advice contact the family team on 01743 248148.