No fault Divorce a significant step closer

The much anticipated, long awaited, no fault divorce is a few steps closer. It is proposed that the new law will be introduced as soon as possible.

Charlotte Pinsent expert family solicitor gives her view: “Definitely a radical modernisation of our divorce laws – for some this will be welcomed with open arms – finally the opportunity to simply both agree on a divorce without the need to apportion blame.

For some it may be the first thing that is agreed for many a month or year and a smooth execution of that joint decision could help set both up on the new path of their new lives. For others the process of the current divorce process, the opportunity to talk through their unique situation, to write it down, to have a voice, to be listened to and heard will remain an essential part of their healing process. Given one doesn’t replace the other hopefully this will actually hit the balance of providing more choice to all and will be the more flexible system that perhaps we need.”

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