Domestic abuse victims to be aware before 23rd April

Domestic abuse victims should be aware of the national test of the UK Emergency Alerts service on Sunday 23rd April 2023. The alert system is currently scheduled to be tested at 3:00pm on Sunday. At that time the Government will be sending a UK-wide Emergency Alerts test message to all compatible devices.

Ruth Harris Head of Family Law at PCB Solicitors says: “Hopefully, by now most will be aware of the emergency warning test that will sound on 4G and 5G compatible mobile phones on Sunday 23rd April. Your phone may make a loud siren sound, vibrate or read out the alert for about 10 seconds and send a screen message, even if your volume is low or the phone is on silent.

“Victims of domestic abuse could be placed at increased risk if they have a concealed phone hidden from their abuser. Victims may want to consider switching off their phones entirely or putting them in airplane mode before 3:00 pm on the Sunday. If you wish to opt out of future emergency alerts the government website suggests to search your settings for “emergency alerts” and turn off “severe alerts” and “extreme alerts” and if this does not work contact your device manufacturer.”

The currently scheduled alert is just a test and no action is needed, but in the future people could receive the alert to warn them of danger to life nearby, for example of severe flooding, fires or extreme weather.

Residents of Shropshire and Mid-Wales should be aware of the alert systems and take precautions if necessary.

More information about the alert system can be found here:

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