Your Employment Rights: Bad Weather

If bad weather such as flooding or snow affects your ability to get to work, it can raise a number of issues and questions.

The first issue to consider is that an employer cannot force you to attempt a journey, if it is unsafe to do so. Your safety should be a priority in dangerous travel conditions.

If you cannot attend work, you are not automatically entitled to be paid. If your place of work is closed and it is not possible for you to work from home or travel to another place of work then your employer should still pay you. Also some employees may have a clause in their contract that they will be paid even if they cannot get to work due to circumstances beyond their control.

If your place of work remains open then try to come to an arrangement with your employer. You may agree to make up the time at a later date, use your holidays or take unpaid leave.

It may be that you cannot attend work as your children’s school is closed and you have been unable to arrange emergency childcare. All employees have the right to take time off as unpaid leave to look after children or dependents in an emergency.

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