Accident at Work

If you are injured at – or in the course of – your work, you may be entitled to claim compensation and our services for workplace accident victims can be just what you require.

People hurt in this way often assume they have no claim because their injury was caused by a freak accident. However, employers must meet many stringent regulations and any failure to do so fully could mean they are liable for how you got hurt.

Work injuries can be claimed for within three years of the incident. Examples of situations which can lead to a successful claim are:

  • Dangerous premises
  • Failing to highlight hazards
  • Trips on cables or other objects that should be secured
  • Falls, if working at height without all precautions
  • Handling items or heavy objects without proper training
  • Attacks by members of the public or visitors to your place of work 
  • Illness caused by the working environment 
  • Repetitive strain injuries

These are just a handful of examples; there are many more as many different scenarios can happen.

If you think you may be entitled to claim, talk to PCB Solicitors today. Our friendly team will offer no-nonsense advice on whether you may have a case and how you should proceed. Remember that, by making a claim, you can ensure that action is taken to prevent the same thing happening to others in future.