Free Guide for Employers on Employment Law

With recent changes made to various employment laws, we have launched a guide aimed at helping employers avoid any potential employee disputes down the line.  
Our How to Avoid an Employment Dispute guide is focused on the steps employers should take to cover themselves and their businesses in the event that they face a challenging situation with a member of staff.

Ryan Bickham, Solicitor at PCB Solicitors, explained: “With a number of legislative updates and changes coming into force across England and Wales recently, the need for employers to stay fully up-to-date with relevant information is vital in order to protect themselves effectively, should they face head-on an employment issue within their business.

“This is why we’ve put together a top tips guide with easy-to-digest information about the things they need to consider, from recruiting and employment contracts, through to dispute resolution, terms of employment, and even termination of employment.” 
According to Ryan, employers need to carefully consider their terms of employment within official contracts, and ensure that all employees are treated fairly according to the relevant laws (for example, any redundancies involving over 20 members of staff will add further legal obligations).  

“The guide is available completely free of charge and I’d urge any employers who want to know just where their employment responsibilities lie can download their copy from the website.” he concluded.